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  • Nine questions for the wedding photographer

  • I was thinking about questions that I would have asked my wedding photographer if I was planning a wedding this summer and here they are: the questions that are important for your partnership with your wedding photographer. Do you believe in love? We live in skeptical times.. Some see only the [...]
  • How was the shot made?

  • I decided to publish some of my favourite wedding pictures with some more explanations about the shots themselves - how did they happen. The shot below is from a wedding that took place in Grand Hotel Sofia. It was the bride and groom's first dance and while I was following them through the viewfind [...]
  • Photoparty for the bride-to-be and her friends

  • „Bachelorette party?“ What do you imagine when you hear this? The ultimate bachelorette experience in Sofia are the photo parties, organized in a photo studio or another relevant space, where you spend the evening in the company of your best friends - drinking wine, having fun and... posing for some [...]
  • Тhe perfect wedding photographer

  • Какво прави едни сватбени фотографи по-добри от други е въпрос над който съм се замисляла често, разглеждайки сватбени албуми на приятели и познати. Някои снимки са толкова скучни, че прелистваш албума набързо и в главата ти остават само клишета и снимки на хора, наредени като паметници. Други [...]