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  • Wedding photojournalism and my awards from WPJA

  • As a member of WPJA /Wedding Photojournalist Association/ it is always exciting to participate in their quarterly contests. The WPJA is an association where the members shoot predominantly in photojournalistic style and the images that are awarded in their contests have to always comply with the req [...]
  • Nine questions for the wedding photographer

  • I was thinking about questions that I would have asked my wedding photographer if I was planning a wedding this summer and here they are: the questions that are important for your partnership with your wedding photographer. Do you believe in love? We live in skeptical times.. Some see only the [...]
  • Dear Nikon

  • Тhis is a story about a few lessons of marketing, philosophical and other kinds of character, you name them. Ten years ago, when I fell in love with photography, I stepped into a long and enchanting affair with Nikon. I am Nikon, I am passion, I am blah-blah… I am very sensitive to emotional mess [...]
  • Eight tips for better wedding photographs

  • While going through some shots from past wedding seasons, I came to the idea that I could collect the main factors that lead to beautiful and emotional photographs from the wedding day in order to help everyone who is planning a wedding. The TIME Factor When you plan the wedding day, one of the m [...]