The photoshoot experience – the ultimate Christmas gift

LIN_3546What a great idea for a different Christmas gift! The photoshoot experience. It could be a gift for your girlfriend, for your sister, for your mother. Here are a couple of good reasons to replace the traditional gift from the mall with something that will be remembered for many years ahead:

1. Because the photoshoot gift shows real special attitude and affection.

2. Because the experience is memorable – two hours, dedicated to the unbeatable feminine energy and beauty. Two hours of laughter, positive experience and glamorous memories.

3. Because any other material gift will sooner or later be forgotten, while beautiful photography lasts forever.

4. Because every woman deserves amazing pictures of herself.

5. Because there won’t be the need for you to go to the mall and to mix with Christmas crowds. I send a personalized voucher  to every customer.

6. Because you have never thought of such a present – the feminine photoshoot is something new, unique and different.

This Christmas be different and courageous, the surprise effect is guaranteed.

The photoshoots take place in a cozy studio in Sofia upon appointment.