Eight tips for better wedding photographs

While going through some shots from past wedding seasons, I came to the idea that I could collect the main factors that lead to beautiful and emotional photographs from the wedding day in order to help everyone who is planning a wedding.

The TIME Factor
When you plan the wedding day, one of the most important things that you must do is to leave space in the wedding schedule and to estimate well the time for transportation. Please, discuss your wedding day plan with the photographer, who can always give you an excellent advice. The TIME factor is important for the photographs as if people do not rush like crazy from point A to point B the pictures will reflect that as well.

The EMOTION Factor
Emotional photographs come as a result of emotional people standing in front of the camera. My advice is to be a volcano of emotions, you can afford that on your wedding day. While the church ceremony takes place, look into each other’s eyes, smile, hold hands etc. Express your love for one another, don’t hide, don’t think about the guests, the dress, the make-up, the hair, think about LOVE. This would inevitably lead to emotional and vivid pohotographs.

The PARENTS Factor
This is for the parents:) Please don’t hide from the camera and express your emotions. Don’t say: “Oh, no, please don’t take pictures of me”. May be this is popular only in Bulgaria, where our mothers have been trained to always stay backstage, but the relations between the bride and her parents or the groom and his parents are also a very significant part of the wedding day, which further compliments the story. So, parents, don’t be shy and get emotional too.

The DRESS Factor
I’ve got news for you. The dress is going to get dirty. If it is raining and is muddy, even more. There are brides, who are trying to keep the dress intact during the whole time and this leads to some serious restrictions. Please, combine the length of the dress with the height of the shoes you are going to be wearing. It is a pity when during emotional moments such as the entrance of the church or the exit are ruined because the bride is looking in her feet in order not to stumble… And is something happens with the dress, always repeat the mantra: “This is only a dress”

My advice here will be short – include as many bridesmaids in your photoshoot, but make them stay for the first fifteen minutes of the session and then send them to party in order to continue with more romantic shots.

As a wedding photographer I wish to dedicate a separate paragraph to it. I am a big fan of the photojournalistic approach, but even though I recommend you to leave an hour time for more artsy pictures. Plan the location in advence with your photographer, who will offer you the best locations in town in terms of light during the particular time of the day and in compliance with your schedule.

Be yourself and remember that this day is your day.