On wedding photojournalism

I am proud to present to you my second image, which qualified among the finalists in the last contest of WPJA /Wedding Photojournalist Association/ for 2013

The Wedding Photojournalist Association is one of the world organizations, that support the unaltered and autenthic wedding photography and this is why I was very proud when my application to join the association was approved. I believe in the power of real moments and in the shots that were captured by the photographer almost unnoticed. These are usually imaged, where the photographer has captured the scene without interruption, but with the right judgement of the light, the reactions of the people and the bes possible point of view. These are the factors that make the good photojournalist stand out – in the work of the good photojournalist you will find the harmony between all of the above, while in other works one or another element will be often missing. Of course, the wedding photojournalist is often dependent upon the circumstances – logically when I shoot weddings with lots of emotions, it is easier to capture these emotions.

The wedding photographer should not stop looking for plots, reactions and moments and interweave them into an entire story. The good wedding photographer should not be satisfied with only capturing the traditional and mundane shots, unless he wants to have pictures like all the pictures of the other wedding photographers. Every wedding has its own spirit and rhythm, why should wedding pictures look alike then?If you look at the pictures from the contests of WPJA, you will find out how different and fresh they are. This is why these pictures have reached the final selection among thousands of other pictures – they have been judged for their artistic value, authenticity and freshness. I would like to show you my favourites, but because of the rules of the sites, I cannot do this here. So, please, take a look at the results of the contest and discover the strength of good wedding photojournalism yourself.